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Her Overview

Heads up, lesbians! Are you tired of having to compete with heterosexual males when it comes to the love and affection of the same sex? Thankfully, in, you don’t have to.

If you know how to navigate on the popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, then you will find that using Her is almost the same. This dating site started in 2013 and was previously called Dattch (short for “dating catch). Two years later, they rebranded to Her to accommodate the growing need for a safe space for lesbians.

Today, Her is considered to be the most popular dating app for lesbians. Most, if not all of the people behind this awesome app is composed of queer women. That is why they do understand the problem of their fellow queer women when looking for a committed relationship. This app is their way of helping them out.

Her strives to become an app that helps queer women in finding long-lasting relationships. Thus, if you are a lesbian that is only looking for a hook-up, this might not be the site for you. If you are the committed one, however, you will certainly find another lesbian who can be your soulmate or long-term lover out of over a million of their users.

Her Sign Up

To start with Her, you must sign up through your Facebook and Instagram account. That’s right—they grab your personal info from your social media accounts, including your photos which would transfer to your Her account. This process helps the site in verifying if you are a real person or not. It also makes registration hassle-free since you do not have to wait for a verification email to continue further with the process.

After linking your social media accounts, Her would automatically use your name as your Username. As previously mentioned, your photos would be linked to your Her account as well. Thankfully, you can always edit out any info and delete any photo you do not like to share in your personal Her account. For the photos, you can save as much as eight images.

Her Membership Experience

Once you have setup an account, it’s time to go hunting! Much like Tinder, Her uses GPS to help track other queer women near your location. You can view their friends’ list, browse their profile, and swipe right if you happen to like her.

For basic membership accounts, you can only message your friends and matches. You are also not allowed to manually search a particular member, unless of course, she is a friend. In that case, you can send her a friend request and chat her up!

Because Her prides itself in being a safe space for queer women, they are very stringent with their membership count. Men are not allowed to create accounts in their app. While this is a good thing, it has a flipside—lesbian women that may look to “masculine-looking” for their algorithm can be kicked out without any notice. This can raise eyebrows for some.  

Her Membership Conclusion

For lesbian women out there, Her is surely a heaven-sent. Now, you don’t have to squeeze in a space in the popular dating sites and apps that, let’s face it, only favors the straights. With this app, you can only see, match, and become friends with women who may or may not share the same interests as yours.

Despite being relatively new, Her continues to grow and strive to become as accommodating and helpful to their community as much as they could. Find your own space in this loving community by downloading their app today! For more information, visit

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