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When you talk about Ashley Madison, you’re talking about the most popular adultery site on the web. This isn’t your daddy’s dating site, my friends

Ashley Madison Overview:

When you talk about Ashley Madison, you’re talking about the most popular adultery site on the web. This isn’t your daddy’s dating site, my friends – the name of the game here is Discretion. People who sign up are looking for a sexual adventure to keep on the down low. Why, simply check their motto for yourself: Life is short. Have an affair – you’ll get a good idea of what goes on in Ashley Madison.

They claim to be the most open-minded dating community in the world, where millions of single and attached users interact with each other and explore their interests, desires and fantasies. If you have moral issues with joining a company specifically designed to promote infidelity, perhaps this isn’t for you. Although not as discreet as when launched in 2001, Ashley Madison still manages to attract male and female users in committed relationships who want to experience the adrenaline rush of a real-life affair. With 52 million users all over the world, they’re popularity remains on the rise.

Ashley Madison obtained notoriety a few years back after making worldwide headlines due to certain issues with their security. Instead of hurting their business, this level of exposure only made it more popular. Overnight Ashley Madison became a household name for dissatisfied couples looking for something extra on the side. Continue reading and find out everything you always wanted to know about the most notorious adult cheating website in the world.

Ashley Madison Sign Up

Users get started by selecting gender, relationship status and preference. Then you’ll be prompted to complete a standard sign-up form with your name, location, age and a greeting.  Next, indicate your body type, height, weight and race.

As with most dating websites, signing up is free. You’ll be allowed to browse profiles and receive messages, but your experience will be limited. Sending messages has a cost for which you’ll have to buy credits. Credits are used for everything on the website, particularly messaging. The basic credit package starts at 100 credits for $59.

Note: only men have to pay for credits; women, on the other hand, can experience Ashley Madison 100% Free. This, of course, is part of their general strategy to attract a higher volume of female users.

Ashley Madison Membership Experience

One of Ashley Madison’s key advantages is their smooth interface, which is incredibly easy to navigate. The moment you sign up you’ll have the option to add a profile photo. Preferably, you should add several photos where your face and body are visible. Once you’re done, go to the menu and click on Manage Profile. Here you’ll find plenty of information to fill out (mostly in the form of check boxes) that help describe what kind of encounters you’re open to, your perfect match, personal interests and intimate desires.

Ashley Madison doesn’t offer a monthly membership. There are 3 different credit packages: Basic (100 for $59), Classic (500 for $169) and Elite (1,000 for $289). This unique pay-as-you-go system makes every interaction on Ashley Madison much more meaningful than with a regular monthly membership. Not only should you judge carefully which girls to message, also write something interesting and witty each time, making sure you stand out from the other hundred messages she receives each week. If not, you’re merely throwing your credits away.

For women, joining Ashley Madison can be an overwhelming experience. Even slightly attractive girls will find their inboxes overflowing with random winks and short messages from admirers, more like catcalls than actual attempts at seduction. Why would they waste time with those when they have another 10 messages waiting from men who’ve taken the time to write a carefully constructed letter? The best advice, as always, is don’t be generic. Write a cute message that shows authentic interest and describes you as an individual. That (and good looks) is the key to success on all dating sites.

Ashley Madison Conclusion

It’s no secret: Ashley Madison is a business built on the backbone of infidelity. Certainly, the first online dating site of its kind. Extra security measures have been put in place to assure users take part in a safe, protected and discreet experience. Credits might be a bit on the pricey side, and you’ll find as many fembots here as on any other dating site – but in the end, if an extramarital relationship is what you seek, Ashley Madison is without a doubt your best option. One more time: Life is short. Have an affair!

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