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  • Date Advisor – The Perfect Site for Dating

    On the internet, there are countless dating websites but not all of them guarantee that you will get laid. There are only a handful of platforms where you can get dates efficiently and to your liking. Date Advisor is one of those platforms. It’s a place where you’ll partners for chatting dirty and even ones […]

  • SnapSext SnapSext


    SnapSext Overview The name rather gives away the gist of this interesting new hookup site. Here is yet another online dating website where you can meet sexy men and women by exchange photos – seriously, there has never been a more superficial concept for a dating service. You can  toss out the window all profound […]

  • Fuckbook

    FuckBook Overview There’s nothing like a brand name that goes straight to the point, right? In fact, FuckBook is such a cool domain we daresay it dangles on the border of trademark infringement. In case it wasn’t made abundantly clear, FuckBook is a dating site that centers on casual encounters. Navigate to the site and […]

  • Only Hookup

    Only Hookup Overview Only Hookup claims to make finding a local fling fast and easy. One look their homepage and you’ll be asking yourself whether this is indeed an online dating service or actually some kind of amateur porn site. The design is as simple and straightforward as possible. In fact, it seems that not […]

  • Victoria Milan

    Victoria Milan Overview Dating website such as Victoria Milan exists for one reason and one reason only: to offer individuals the opportunity to cheat with a low risk of being caught. Why? Because cheating is an adrenaline rush for most people – a thrill – something they know they want to try but they don’t […]

  • Adult Crowd

    Adult Crowd Overview Adult Crowd prides itself in being one of the most popular dating websites aimed at members of the swinger community. It’s both easy to use and nice to look at overall, packed with tons of cool features that you’ll surely enjoy using and which aren’t available on other websites. Most importantly, they […]

  • Free Hookup Search

    Free Hookup Search Overview At first sight Free Hookup Search looks like a very plain online dating service. There’s no flashy graphics or colors to pull you in. But they do display some very provocative photos (mostly selfies) of everyday girls who are hot enough to lure curious visitors. Not much information is offered, and […]

  • FuckSwipe

    Fuck Swipe Overview Fuck Swipe has to be one of the most aesthetically appealing dating websites ever created. It automatically detects your location, so instantly you’re told there are thousands of members near your city. In case that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be tempted by messages that promise you hot chicks looking for casual sex […]

  • Free Local Dates

    Free Local Dates Overview Free Local Dates is of those online dating sites that is not exactly sure whether it’s a dating site or a voyeur porn site. Someone interested in a traditional dating service will be shocked to find a homepage filled with provocative selfies of girls posing half-naked and even topless in front […]

  • Hot Sex Buddies

    Hot Sex Buddies Overview When it comes to online dating, nothing is more important than first impressions. This is true for potential matches as well as for the dating website itself. When you arrive at Hot Sex Buddies, you instantly get the feeling this site was created by professionals with a clear idea of what […]

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Dating in Canada

Oh Canada, Land of the Plentiful

Dating in Canada can be a refreshing experience. The social landscape is unique and full of things to discover. It’s also a country overflowing with astounding beauty, diversity and appeal. You have everything from forest, coasts, mountains, grasslands and huge metropolitan cities. The people are friendly and well-mannered, unpretentious, yet strong and incredibly resilient. Canadians love the outdoors and can take you to some truly breathtaking locations. Luckily, for Americans, they can find something exotic just across the border, different yet not completely unfamiliar.

Canada is a combination of many cultures. It’s also neighbor to the USA on the northern side. They speak English with a subtle accent; most speak a little French and some are fluent. One way to open yourself up to many new dating opportunities is to use a Canadian dating site. not only tells you which dating sites give you access to singles near you, with verified profiles, personalized matches and an emphasis on security –  our website also comes equipped with dozens of concise, easy-to-read articles with specific dating advice and information for people all over the world.

Some Differences Between American and Canadian Dating

Canadians are known as polite, good-natured and lovers of the outdoors. They’re also intelligent and funny. They love sports (especially ice hockey), skating, skiing, maple syrup, bacon, but overall, they’re  lifestyles are similar to Americans. However, it has a different way of doing things. The culture, for example, is more British and French than it is American. Both men and women love to be identified distinctly as Canadians and do not take it kindly when someone lumps them in with Americans.

So, what are some other differences between dating in Canada vs. dating in the United States. Well, if you’ve never been hiking on a first date, chances are you’ve never dated in Canada. They’re also politically correct in every sense of the term (even moreso than their American cousins). In Canada, you’re not boyfriend and girlfriend, you’re partners. Another interesting distinction: Canadians are never afraid to apologize when they’re wrong and will often do so to complete strangers.

They have their favorite games, music, food and, yes, social patterns. They absolutely hate being confused with (or labeled as) Americans.  It doesn’t mean they hold anything against Americans. On the contrary. Canadians and Americans make great friends, as well as happy couples.

Why You Should Date a Canadian

So, you want to date a Canadian, eh? First of all, allow us to applaud you for your excellent taste. In case you didn’t know, they’re a good-looking bunch: Rachel McAdams, Hayden Christensen, Coco Rocha, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and the list goes on. Also, if you’re tired of having to deal with sports 24/7, rest assured that Canadians are only passionate about one sport: Ice Hockey.

Another interesting quirk that differentiates Americans from Canadians is how the latter tend to be much more quiet and mysterious, friendly and polite, even when they turn you down. If you love bacon or have a craving for maple syrup, your Canadian partner will be more than pleased to help you indulge. And don’t forget about their adorable accents!

One interesting thing about Canadians you’ll be pleased to hear, they enjoy taking care of their bodies, which comes from their love for good food, clean air and outdoor activities. They’re interested in global issues, are socially conscious, have diverse musical taste, know how to laugh at themselves, are more tolerant and usually not as tense or stressed-out as are Americans.

Why are Canadian Women so Beautiful?

Perhaps it has to do with the abundance of clean air, the natural beauty of their outdoors, they’re amazing food and love for physical activity. Canadians girls are not only cute, friendly and passionate, they are also incredibly resilient, with tough skin and even tougher hearts. One thing is certain: with a Canadian girlfriend, you’re guaranteed never to get bored!

Canadian girls, in general, live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible. As mentioned above, going for a long hike on a first date is quite common. Living in Canada, it’s important to take full advantage of those short summer months, because once the winter settles in, most of your time together will be spent cuddling by the fireplace. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Best Canadian Dating Sites

When you visit a Canadian dating site, you’ll discover some noticeable aspects of Canadian social culture. Take this opportunity to learn everything you can about them. Since Canadians are proud of their country, it’ll impress them when you show knowledge regarding their geography and history. Some basics such as learning about the ten provinces and the three regions are a great place to start.

Take note of the way Canadians love their policies, especially those that distinguish them from their neighbor to the south. They identify with the legalization of same-sex marriages, outlawing of capital punishment, strict gun control, a publicly funded healthcare system and a taxation regime that ensures the fair distribution of wealth. Make sure you’re familiar and up-to-date on the events occurring in and around Canada.

Okay, you’re finally ready. Your grasp on Canadians and their culture should be vastly improved upon reading this article. When it comes to the dating game, no matter where you are, preparation is key and knowledge is power. Make sure to find an online dating service with a high success rate, intelligent matchmaking, manually verified accounts and plenty of eligible singles. After that, the rest is up to you.

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