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The Difficulties of Gay Dating

The world of gay dating is full of mysteries, myths and stereotypes. There remain many cities across the world where gay dating is not openly acknowledged, sometimes even outlawed. Even in European and American cities, where it’s more accepted, homosexual men sometimes find dating more difficult than it should be. Have you ever asked yourself what’s really happening in the world of gay dating? In this article we’re going to explore all the details you need to know to stay ahead of the learning curve.   

Dating can be hard enough for straight people, but for gay men it’s much more difficult. Sometimes it can be a straight-up hell, simply an all-around horrible experience. Being homosexual adds an entirely new layer of complications to the already complex dating scene. When men date other men, the testosterone levels can rise insanely high. This, plus the taboo behind being gay, and several other factors, can turn gay dating into a multifaceted issue. Let’s dive into some of the facts.

Debunking Myths and Stereotypes about Gay Dating

Is it true you’ll receive tons of dick pics on gay dating sites? Let’s just get that question out of the way right now. The answer is yes, yes you will. When it comes to Private Pictures received from other users, the estimate is that about 70% of them are dick pics. So, remember, don’t be alarmed – and rest assured you’ll receive photos of men’s faces as well. This was one myth we were unable to debunk.   

It’s long been believed in our society that gay men are extremely promiscuous and have multiple sex partners. This simply isn’t true. At least, not any more promiscuous than straight men and women. There are many gay men who only date casually and wait until they’re in a serious relationship before they jump into bed with their partners. Today there exists statistical data that proves your average gay relationship can be just as exciting or dull as a heterosexual’s.

Another interesting misconception is that gay relationships don’t tend to last. Of course, there are many men who jump from one relationship to the next, searching for the perfect partner, when in fact such a thing doesn’t exist. Fortunately, however, many gay couples do manage to sustain long-lasting relationships and even get married. You may not see them regularly in your day-to-day routine, but they’re out there living their lives.  

Interesting Facts and Tendencies of Gay Dating

To begin with, unlike most heterosexual dating encounters, it’s been pointed out by several gay trends observers that many gay men will go out on a first date without having seen their date’s face. The reasons for this strange habit are varied, but a few facts will help you to understand the phenomenon. Firstly, for gay men, gay relationships are more about the experience than looks. Some pundits have argued that gay men seek to be different from the world of heterosexuals where looks seem to be driving the show.

It’s also been observed that most men on gay dating sites prefer posting photos of their bodies rather than their faces. Additionally, it’s been cited that 50% of gay men choose to meet their dating partners for the first times in their homes. While it’s a practice that exposes people to the possible dangers of bullying, harassment and even worse, many gay men seem to be following this procedure.

Gay Dating Infographics, a social science research entity, showed that 31% of men on dating sites lie about their appearance or age. Modern dating (including gay dating) relies heavily on dating apps and related platforms. Therefore, there’s a high likelihood that many gay profiles do not reflect who the real owners are. The result is that many gay dates end up with disappointments and disapprovals about their partners on the first physical contact.

Unique Habits and Surprising Expectations

Ok, let’s return to the topic of dick pics. Most gay men on gay dating sites have sent a pic of their penis to someone online at one point or another. In fact, it’s been noted that gay men are more likely to send a pic of their dick than their face to a stranger. Another interesting fact is that most gay men hope their relationships end up in marriage. Several finding have demonstrated that gay couples look forward to starting families and having children as much as straight couples.

Equal Rights for Gay Dating

Although gay dating has increasingly become a common practice, gay men still seem to feel chastised in certain situations. Few gay people date openly, and even then, it seems more of bravado than a feeling of freedom and enjoyment. While many fingers still point to society for failing to accommodate same-sex relationships, it is, perhaps, incumbent upon the gay community to exploit the legal liberties accorded to them in many jurisdictions across the globe and stop appearing to steal what is, by law, rightfully theirs.

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