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The World of Black Dating

Black Dating in America is different from the rest of the world. In a country filled with what sometimes feels like overwhelming racial tensions, it’s important to identify the myths and demystify the facts. Currently, one in every six couples in the United States is racially mixed, and black-white intermarriages appear to be the most common. In this article we’ll be looking at the facts behind black dating, especially when it comes to dating a black woman.

In today’s modern dating scene, old assumptions and prejudices can be tossed out the window. Men don’t always pay for dinner, sometimes women initiate contact, not everyone is looking to settle down and start a family. Yet, what’s changed the dating scene more than anything has been the emergence of dating websites and applications, their constant growth in popularity and technological advances. Nowadays, your chances of finding your soulmate online are greater than ever.   

Forget the Stereotypes

Without going into the many stereotypes of dating black women, let’s have a look at some facts and generalizations that may be misrepresented. First, let us do away with prejudices of black women who only listen to hip-hop music, work nighttime as strippers, are rude with horrible manners, gang affiliations, etc.  Generally, black women are motherly and friendly, pursue respectable careers and are keen on raising stable families. They constitute judges, doctors and politicians across the country.

Tips for Dating African-American Women

These days, strong and independent black women find it increasingly difficult to find a suitable partner, maybe because they’re unusually gifted at seeing through lies and falsehoods. They search for men with strong values, who’re consistent in what they say and do. When entering a relationship with a black woman, no matter what experience you’ve had before, remember, never assume anything. If something she told you isn’t entirely clear, ask her for clarification.

When it comes to dating black women (and all women in general) honesty is the best policy. One discovered lie could be seen as a severe act of betrayal, enough for her to lose trust in you completely – and as anyone who’s been in a relationship before knows, once the trust is lost, so is all hope of sustaining a relationship. Black women are looking for an honest man, someone they can depend on when things get difficult. In a survey of black women in their thirties and forties, honesty was named as the #1 quality when describing their idea of a perfect man.

In the same survey, black women in their early twenties expressed their desire for men with ambition and drive, moreso than women of other races (likewise, young black men in their twenties also mentioned they’re interested in ambitious women). The third  most important trait black women considered important was respectfulness.

White Men Dating Black Women

Sometimes, Caucasian men will enter an interracial relationship with a baggage of stereotypes that are likely to ruin an otherwise promising Afro-dating experience. Recognizing such stereotypes will help you build trust, communication and understanding. The African-American woman in your life will likely help you shed off many of those mistaken beliefs and stereotypes embedded in your mindset over the years.

Knowing what to do and what to avoid when dating a Black Woman are essential aspects of the interracial dating process. One form of involuntary behavior you need to watch out for when dating a black girl is being too overly conscious of the fact that she’s black. She knows she’s black, there’s no reason to remind her. Such an attitude may turn her off.

If you’re a white man, you’re likely to harbor an inferiority complex. Let’s face the issue head-on: there’s a myth that Afro-American men are endowed with (much) larger penises. Therefore, white guys sometimes start off their experiences with a losing mentality, wondering whether they can “measure up” to the size of her ex-black boyfriend. However, relationship experts have demonstrated over the years that the debate about size in sex is misplaced and largely untrue.

Racism Still Very Much Alive

Although there are no longer any laws against interracial marriage in the United States, and while the civil rights movement has made significant progress throughout the years, many interracial couples continue to face disapproval, racism and even resentment from their peers. Nasty looks in the street or subway, insults, mistreatment and even physical violence are not uncommon.

Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to throw out a law forbidding interracial marriage in the highly controversial case of Lovings vs. Virginia led to many other states doing the same. Ever since that crucial moment in civil rights history, Americans have increasingly united in interracial marriages across the country. In 2015, a national census determined that 17% of newlyweds had a spouse that belonged to a different race or ethnicity.

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