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South Africa Dating

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Dating in South Africa

The Rainbow Nation

Every country has its own unique and distinctive dating culture. South Africa – known internationally as The Rainbow Nation – is a multi-layered society with its own set of customs, traditions and social behaviors. It has eleven official languages. There are large cities, subtropical forests, deserts, mountains, swamps and cliffs. Whether you’re a tourist visiting on vacation or an expat who’s settled to live in South Africa, if you want to take part in the dating scene, you´ll find it necessary to learn and adapt to the local culture.

South Africa is a country with an immensely deep history. The famous Table Mountain, which overlooks the city of Cape Town, is one of the oldest mountains in the world and is home to a large array of endemic wildlife. More recently, from 1948 to nearly fifty years later, South Africa lived in a state of apartheid. The white minority ruled the country and forced thousands of black people to relocate to homelands in the outskirts of the city, thus preventing them from living in urban areas and pushing forth their policies of segregation. This ended in 1994 after Nelson Mandela was voted in as the first black president of South Africa.

You’re experience dating a South African man or woman can vary greatly depending on where the person grew up. Remember, this is a country with great ethnic diversity. Is your date Xhosa, Zulu, Cape Colored or White? Which of the eleven official languages does he or she speak? Each different culture represents a different dating experience. Keeping this in mind, let’s proceed to some of the characteristics that make South Africans unique.

Tips for Dating a South African Woman

When you first meet a South African woman, you’ll be surprised by how approachable, polite and friendly she can seem. They appreciate men who behave like gentlemen: open doors, pick up the checks, make them feel special. Make sure to look after your appearance, put on your best suit and take her to a fancy restaurant. If you’re serious about building a long-term relationship, South African women will notice these qualities most in a man.   

When approaching a South African woman for a date, make sure to specify your interest in a “date” and not “hanging out,” as these terms have different meanings. A South African woman will interpret a request to “hang out” as an invitation to spend time together, though not necessarily alone, and without any romantic attachments involved. Whereas a date, on the other hand, means exactly the opposite and will make your romantic interests clear.

Get ready to date a woman who is passionate about her customs and traditions. Depending on where she’s from, South African women love sharing the details that make their heritage special. Make sure to not only show an authentic interest in what she has to say about her country, but also pay close attention to what she says, maybe even do some research of your own. This will go a long way toward winning over the heart of a South African woman.     

Although South African women go to great lengths to take care of their bodies, they’re generally raised to be modest and not give too much importance to looks. Therefore, don’t take it the wrong way if your South African lady friend shrugs of a compliment about her appearance, blushes or acts as if she didn’t hear you. She may not say anything now, but inside her mind, she’s already thinking of how to thank you later.   

How to Meet and Date a South African Man

South African men in general are friendly and polite. Whether you’re at a club, bar or workplace, they’ll find a smooth way to start up a conversation and get you laughing. Women in South Africa love playing hard-to-get, so don’t be surprised if you’re South African admirer isn’t easily discouraged. Also, if a South African man invites you to dinner, you can expect he’ll pay the bill.

The three hobbies South African men enjoy most are rugby, cricket and braaing. Rugby is South African’s national pastime and dates back many years. Everyone has a favorite team they love to cheer for, plus many men also play the sport themselves. Braaing is the South African term for barbequing and is one of the most common ways South African friends and families spend time together.

Additionally, South Africans love spending times outdoors. Long hikes, camping and fishing are very popular activities. There are amazing beaches in South Africa where you’ll find locals practicing their surfing skills. Don’t be surprised if your first or second date involves some form of outdoorsy fun.

The Advantages of Online Dating in South Africa

Online dating services have made it possible for highly compatible people with similar interests to get to know each other no matter where they are in the world. If you live in South Africa and want to expand your social circle, one quick and painless way is by joining the most popular dating websites and applications. OkCupid and Tinder are used by many men and women in South Africa and will give you access to thousands of individuals who, just like you, are looking to meet their soulmate.

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