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    FuckBook Overview There’s nothing like a brand name that goes straight to the point, right? In fact, FuckBook is such a cool domain we daresay it dangles on the border of trademark infringement. In case it wasn’t made abundantly clear, FuckBook is a dating site that centers on casual encounters. Navigate to the site and […]

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Asian Dating Culture

Every culture is unique and has something interesting to offer the world. The Asian culture, in particular, has many fascinating rituals and traditions. Naturally, there exist several key differences between dating in Asia as compared to the West. But, as with any foreign society, keep in mind there are many preconceived myths you’ll need to dispel in order to obtain success.

Let’s take as an example the fact that, in Asia, the word “dating” has a completely different meaning. Dating – as we understand it in the West – is literally a foreign concept. In Asian society, when you’re dating, it means you’re already in a serious romantic relationship, which would more than likely conclude in marriage. Virginity is considered a very big deal. Men are taught at an early age to not marry a woman who they believe has slept around with (many) other men. The social stigma attached to sex is much more powerful in Asia than in the West.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing the myth that an Asian woman will necessarily drop everything to support your career pursuits. If you’ve been paying attention to the emerging economic trends, you’ll know that Asian economies continue to register fast growth. As these countries continue to develop industrially and in technology, so do the careers opportunities of their women. Many Asian females are on an exponential career path. They are eager to discover new horizons that have eluded them for… well, forever.

Fun Facts about Asian Dating

For starters, in most parts of Asia, it’s perfectly acceptable to date someone much younger or older; and it’s considered especially admirable when an older man dates a younger woman. Additionally, the act of kissing takes on a completely new meaning in Asian culture. Rarely will you see an Asian girl making out at a nightclub with a guy she just met. If an Asian woman kisses you on the mouth, it means you’re in a committed relationship.    

In Asia, public displays of affection are not commonplace. Such demonstrations are seen as disrespectful to others. Relationships and displays of affection are observed from a more conservative point of view. However, when compared to western women, females from Asia have a better grasp on femininity, because that’s how they’ve been taught to behave from a very young age. Feminine, yet not submissive.

Where to Find Asian Women

Your number one concern should be where to find an Asian partner.

Easy enough. You come across fine Asian ladies almost everywhere you look: at the malls, universities, libraries and frozen yogurt shops – so, you don’t necessarily have to visit Asia to date an Asian woman (although your chances there would be much better). Presently, it’s becoming increasingly popular for Americans and Asians to date each other. American men everywhere are falling in love for the tenderness, beauty and intelligence of Asian women.   

If you live in a large city such as New York or London, you’re likely to meet Asian women in your day-to-day life and even right in your neighborhood. With the increase in popularity of dating websites and applications, our modern generation presents many more avenues for meeting, dating and even marrying people from remote countries. In fact, the Internet has made it easier for women seeking relationships. While tradition in Asian culture imposes an expectation on men to make the first move, the Web has made it possible for Asian women to decide with which men to establish contact.

Some Things Never Change: Similarities of Asian and American Dating

Nonetheless, and despite everything previously mentioned, there are still many similarities between dating in Asia, Europe and America. Parents, family and friends have a strong influence. If you’re meeting the parents, it means your partner is serious about a long-term relationship. Money and social status are undeniably important. No matter where you are in the world, woman still want to be romanced and men want to feel like men. It’s that simple.   

Love Confession: Kokuhaku

In English, I LOVE YOU is the most powerful, beautiful and scariest thing you can say to another person. Oftentimes it can make or break a relationship. In Japan, a relationship always begins with a Kokuhaku: a confession of your love for the other person, a proposal to be together. Japanese women do not shy away from the opportunity to let their interests be known to a man they admire, which they do by presenting them with a kokuhaku (instead of waiting for the man to make the first move). Even if you’ve gone on a few dates, your relationship hasn’t formally begun until this kokuhaku (confession) occurs.

The Power of Dating Sites

If you’re looking to date an Asian man or woman, make sure to adjust your mindset to the unique Asian culture, learn to adapt to their norms and standards, select your partner carefully, look out for subtle signs that you’re being considered for marriage material. Introducing you to her parents is surely one of them.

Finally, never underestimate the power of dating websites and applications. Take the time to find a respectable dating service that suits your needs. Don’t waste precious time creating the perfect profile on a dating site full of fake accounts. There are legit dating sites out there with verified accounts and intelligent matchmaking. Take advantage of them! Many Asian women are prepared to move to the West if the right man comes along.

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