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    Her Overview Heads up, lesbians! Are you tired of having to compete with heterosexual males when it comes to the love and affection of the same sex? Thankfully, in, you don’t have to. If you know how to navigate on the popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, then you will find that using […]

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    In 2019, people are becoming more and more accepting of anyone’s sexuality. However, the LGBTQ people still find themselves a minority. You would be hard-pressed to find any product or service that specifically caters to their group. Thankfully, some companies are adjusting and some brands

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What You Need To Know about Lesbian Dating

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes it hard to meet and connect with other women. Social life, family, career responsibilities and other factors can interfere with the pursuit of your love life. More and more people are choosing lesbian dating sites to bring them into contact with fresh faces, women they otherwise wouldn’t come across in their day-to day routine.

As is common knowledge, there’s a right way and a wrong to start a relationship. In a national survey interested in determining the central factors behind attraction, most women selected intelligence, kindness, humor, honesty and strong values as the main qualities. Lesbian women seem to be very clear about what they want. However, many doubts about practical issues remain.

Lesbian Dating Rules

Imagine, if veteran lesbians struggle with the unwritten rules and protocols of lesbian dating, how will an inexperienced woman fare? The truth is dating between two women can be a complicated matter. One of the aforementioned “practical” matters that remains ambiguous among lesbian women is the age-old question of who pays for dinner on a first date. In case you’re wondering, the general rule is, if you invited, then you should pay. After all, the date was your idea.

Which leads us to another interesting question: who asks who out? You’re both women, so who makes that first crucial move that could lead to a relationship? This is an interesting question, because making the first move is not always easy – it requires courage and daring. In most (but not all) lesbian relationships, one of the two women has a more masculine personality; aka Butch. Usually, the Butch is who makes the first move.

The next rule is fairly simple: lesbian dating sites are your best friend. Finding the right dating website or application can work wonders for your love life. By joining a dating service, you instantly open yourself up to countless new opportunities that you could not have access to in your normal life. Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter can also be very useful for exploring strangers you want to get to know better.  

The last rule we’ll mention contains a harsh truth: in the lesbian dating scene, nobody is really single. No matter who you just met or what they told you, there’s always more to the situation than meets the eye. It could simply be a friend with benefits, contact with an ex-girlfriend, one-night stands, or something along those lines. Remember, be smart, look for the signs that tell you she’s not single. Because nobody wants to have their heart broken.    

The Double-Edged Sword of Lesbian Dating Sites

Sometimes it can be difficult enough to manage perceptions in the real world without having to worry about your online persona. Although joining a dating site will greatly increase your chances of meeting someone, oftentimes those people you meet aren’t worth the trouble, especially when you find out they’ve repeatedly lied about their appearance, age, marital status, occupation, etc.

On the other hand, since almost every lesbian woman has gone online at some point seeking love or casual sex, it’d be a pity not to take full advantage of what modern technology has to offer. There’s no way of sugarcoating the truth: lesbians are working with a much smaller dating pool than are straight women. Therefore, in order to meet someone, it’s imperative to equip yourself with every available tool to march prepared into the dating game.

Tips for Successful Lesbian Dating

Lesbian dating can seem very intimidating at first, until you get the hang of it, which is easier said than done. The absolute best piece of advice anyone can offer you is to Take Your Time. First and foremost, get to know yourself, your desires and expectations, what you have to offer – there’s no reason to rush into dating or sex. Rushing into a relationship can turn your life into a nightmare.

The next tip is to make your dates memorable. Plan a creative night out, something that breaks from the typical routine. It’ll make your partner feel extra special that you took the time to make the date unforgettable. But remember to take her somewhere private, because you don’t want to bump accidentally into unsuspecting co-workers, acquaintances or family members.

It’s a well-known fact that women appreciate a good conversation. So be a good listener, take mental notes and remember what your date said: what music she listens to, who’s her favorite actor, what foods does she prefer, and so forth. Simply put, don’t make the conversations all about yourself.   

Finding Your Lesbian Love Partner

Lesbian dating can be a lot more intricate than most people realize. Lesbianism involves both a physical and emotional commitment. Girls talk more, touch more and share more. Lesbians also possess the unique ability to find common grounds to make their relationships seamless. With many free lesbian dating services online – and a little bit of luck – you’re likely to find your partner sooner rather than later.


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