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Dating in Australia

The Rules of Aussie Dating

The flirting and hooking up game is very different in Australia, especially when compared to the United States. Sometimes it can seem as if things are going very slowly, the signs aren’t as clear, you might even feel a bit lost. Although dating in Australia occurs in many ways similar to what happens elsewhere in the world, there aren’t as many formal dating rules as in other cultures. Aussies are laid back, relaxed, and not big fans of rules.

There are several ways to find your soulmate in Australia. One possibility is finding someone on an Australia Dating Site. However, you´ll be interested in knowing most Aussies agree on one thing: a traditional dating culture doesn’t exist in Australia. It’s common to see groups of guys and girls hanging out in the same area, but not often do they meet. In general, Australian men are not encouraged to act in a gentlemanly fashion; they are ridiculed for doing so. Aussie women, on the other hand, are known to sit back and let the men do all the work.

Australian vs. American Dating

Australia is a country like no other, where women enjoy sports and men aren’t expected to pay for dinner. Despite their distaste for traditional dating, Australians still manage to sustain meaningful relationships, get married and form families. Normally, people would meet through someone in their social circle (friend of a friend), hang out in a group, make eyes at each other from across the room and, hopefully, make contact. These days more and more people meet online through dating websites.

So what are some of the differences between American and Australian dating? There are many subtleties and complexities behind this question. In Australia, for example, people don’t embrace the work-to-live and live-to-work lifestyle. Things are more laid-back, less stressful. While a typical single American drinks alcohol to catch a buzz when they go clubbing, an Aussie will drink whenever he or she feels like it simply because they enjoy the taste.

Australian dating will surprise you in unexpected ways. Unless you know someone indirectly, a cold approach will usually get shot down faster than a clay pigeon. Breaking that first barrier is usually more difficult than with American women. This is where dating websites can become useful. Australians who’ve joined are interested in meeting someone – that much is obvious. It comes down to building an interesting profile and following the normal requisites of online dating.

A Laid-Back Approach to Life and Dating

Australian men, as a whole, tend to be much less aggressive than their American counterparts. This applies not only to dating but also to life in general. Don’t expect to receive dozens of texts per day or have him act as if he needs you in his life. In fact, you might get the impression he’s ignoring you; but that’s simply how Australian men behave. For them, growing into a relationship feels more natural and respectful. But that doesn’t mean they won’t love you passionately.

“Dates” per se are not common in Australia. It’s literally a foreign concept, as in, only foreigners will ask you out on a date. Hookups are easy-going and casual. Dating in Australia would be more similar to dating an in, say, Austin, Texas, than it would New York City. There isn’t a huge pick-up culture, everything moves at a slower pace. Enjoy life, that’s the Aussie motto!    

Can You Find Love in Australia?

The nature of the Australian dating scene is such that while many cultures impose some form of rules, whether formally or informally, Australia is a laid-back society. Actually, if you’re looking for freedom and a stress-free life, there are few options more suitable than Australia. Here there are no rules for dating. The only rules you’ll need to observe in social circles will be the football game rules.

Australians love their social media, especially Facebook. You’ll find that almost every Australian man and woman has a Facebook account. Dating websites are a flourishing industry in a country that emphasizes getting to know people first before you meet. Join a dating website and find thousands of Australians living in your area, meet new people and expand your social circle. Hopefully you’ll meet the person of your dreams.   

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