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FapChat Dating appears to offer something exciting for both experienced dating professionals looking for something different as well as newbies who want to get their feet wet in the online dating game

FapChat Overview

Today we’ll be reviewing a dating website unlike any other. In fact, we wouldn’t even call it a dating service per se. It’s more of a no-limits hookup site for consenting adults interested in sharing naughty nude selfies, and later, if things go well, hooking up in real life. Without a doubt, a very interesting concept: adults flirting through the exchange of explicit selfies. It’s not something we’ve seen before, and we’ve seen many hookup sites. Apparently, client confidentiality is a matter they take very seriously at FapChat, requiring all new members to agree never to reveal personal information about anyone on the site. appears to offer something exciting for both experienced dating professionals looking for something different as well as newbies who want to get their feet wet in the online dating game. However, if there’s something we’ve learned at Hookup Exposed, it’s that appearances can oftentimes be deceiving. Up next, we’ll take you through the sign-up process and explore the membership area in detail, so that you, the consumer, can make an intelligent and informed decision.

FapChat Signing UP

Before you sign up and become a member of Fap Chat, you must agree never to disclose the identities of any of its members. Simply read their Privacy Policy and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about: if you come across someone’s profile who you know from real-life, it’s mandatory you don’t share this information with anyone. Failing to comply with this strict rule may result in your account being permanently banned.

Although FapChat solicits more information than your typical run-of-the-mill dating site, signing is still a piece of cake. Besides the basic facts, you’ll be asked questions regarding your sexual preferences, marital status, relationship aspirations and how far or close you want to search for a partner. Registration on Fap Chat is free but you’re still required to add a valid credit card in order to confirm your age and date of birth. This may seem like a bit too much, but it’s actually standard practice for these types of sites.

FapChat Membership Experience

Now that you’ve joined Fap Chat, you can choose between continuing as a free member or a VIP Gold membership. The free membership is fun if you want to check out the website and its many cool features, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to use most of them until you pay up. Gold Membership, on the other hand, gives you full access to an abundance of video and chat options that open up endless opportunities when it comes to sharing pics and communicating with other members.

One of the coolest things we discovered about FapChat is the wide variety of girls. You’ll find hot amateur teens and experienced moms craving for sex, horny Asians chicks and sexy Black girls, even trannies and shemales from all over the world. Their video chatrooms are easy to use and allow you to find the person you’re looking for instantly, so you can start exchanging photos and chatting in real time.

When it comes to live interactive sex, FapChat is a company that likes to push the envelope. Inside the member’s area, consenting adults are free to do as they please. Once you’re inside a video chatroom with another member, whatever happens between you and that member is nobody’s concern but your own. In essence, a virtual playground for nude selfie fanatics, where you’re free (and even encouraged) to take things a step further than on conventional dating services. We learned if you want to get replies from other members, you should definitely consider showing some skin. Otherwise, if that bothers you or makes you uncomfortable somehow, this hookup site might not be suitable for you.

FapChat Conclusion

Testing the paid membership was an exciting experience. We were extremely happy to find very few fembots and scammers roaming the member’s area; which makes sense, since FapChat requires not only name and age verification, new members are also expected to add nude selfies the moment they join. In an industry cluttered with erratic and unreliable dating websites packed full of fake profiles, a service like FapChat can feel like a breath of fresh air.

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