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Oranum review

What is Oranum

Oranum is a spirituality website that offers the opportunity for professional spiritualists and spiritual seekers to connect with one another through online video calls. For spiritual seekers, the platform allows users to create accounts and connect with available advisors or practitioners of their choice. The home page of the website is usually filled with still images from users who are live and available for clients to hop on. There are tags attached to the different pictures which make clear the availability of the user, pricing and so on.


Depending on the reason for getting on the platform, users can look at the displayed profiles of available advisers and choose which one suits their needs. Oranum makes it easy for users to find their choice professionals by categorizing them into different groups. Users can access such categories like; pet psychic, fortuneteller, dreams, astrology, tarots, clairvoyance, career, numerology etc. These categories correspond to the possible needs for which a user has the intention of satisfying. The wonderful thing about the site is that there are so many advisers available in each section and you cannot run out of people to listen to your requests. Even if your choice adviser is not available, you can call them and let them know you want to have a session with them.

Topics on various areas of spirituality

Another interesting aspect of Oranum is that they have a handful of articles on spirituality that can serve as a reservoir of solutions. Sometimes, merely going through the blogs will give you answers to whatever questions you may have because there are various article topics on various areas of spirituality. For someone who does not understand what spirituality stuff is about, there are also introductory articles that will help you get proper knowledge of the different areas of spirituality and know why you need to speak with professionals.

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