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Seeking Arrangements


Seeking Arrangements

Seeking Arrangements Overview

Seeking Arrangements is a unique dating site in a sense that instead of looking for a potential hookup, friends with benefits, or a future partner in life, you can find beautiful sugar babies who can entertain and give you special attention every time you need it. Of course, not everything is free. Most Sugar Babies in this premium dating site wants to have a Sugar Daddy who can give them the finer things in life, either by financing their tuition fees, trips abroad, or fine dining experiences. defines arrangements as a place “where people are direct with one another and stop wasting time. It allows people to immediately define what they need and want in a relationship.” That means you can arrange a no-strings attached relationship with as much as four Sugar Babies or one Sugar Daddy/Mommy at one time. You are free to state what you want in an arranged relationship in your profile so that the men and women who would stumble upon your profile can already know what they expect once they message you.

Upon opening the site, you can certainly see that this Sugar Daddy dating site certainly caters to the rich and powerful. Their sleek yet user-friendly interface offers unapologetic and straightforward information on what they can do for you, which is highly beneficial for their clientele who has no time reading through large bits of paragraphs in one go. After all, they are all busy managing their own empires to bother.

Seeking Arrangements Sign Up

Signing up is free in this Sugar Daddy dating app. Whether you are a Daddy or a Baby, you can enjoy the benefits of a Standard membership such as using the search button, viewing your profile’s visitors, and having the “Favorites” list. But you only get to enjoy all of these if your profile is approved—a process that can take 24 hours or more depending on how many profiles the management needs to screen.

To up our chances of having an approved profile, it must be 100% complete. The site gives you instructions on how to do so, and once all the green check marks are complete, you are set! Oh, and did we mention that they also need to approve your profile photo?

If you still find it dubious, or you find yourself too shy to state your terms clearly, you can gain inspiration from the other profiles in the site. Most registered Sugar Daddies are pretty clear with what they want with their Sugar Babies. They might give you ideas and the confidence to take on the task.

Seeking Arrangements Membership Experience

Once you sign up, you are now free to create “arrangements” either with a Sugar Daddy/Mommy or a Sugar Baby. Commonly, Sugar Daddies find their ideal arrangements within five days or so. Of course, it varies depending on your taste in your Sugar Babies. As previously mentioned, you can keep as many as four Sugar Babies at one time, and you can keep them either as a companion during your overseas travels, partners during parties and intimate dinners, or as mentees you can train to become like you. The possibilities are endless!

While membership is free, getting a premium membership amounting at $50 a month allows you to have wider access to the site. Premium members can send and receive messages from other members, be prioritized during the approval process, and hide your profile in the search filters. You can basically filter the people who can message you, making it easier to choose the lucky Sugar Baby you would choose to take under your wing.

Seeking Arrangements Conclusion

Our verdict is that Seeking Arrangements is a premium Sugar Daddy dating site that caters to men and women who knows what they want and goes for it. If you prefer the perks and the laxity of having no-strings attached relationship, then this site is for you. It may not be perfect (there are certainly better ones out there), but for those who are looking for Sugar Babies, Seeking Arrangements is a good start.

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