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    Sinful Buddies Overview When searching for an online dating site, you always want to go with someone you feel you can trust. Most of the time trust is built on first impressions, and when it comes to online businesses, nothing offers a reliable first impression like a top-notch web design. The moment you land on […]

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Dating in the USA

The American Way

It’s been mentioned that if you wish to experience romantic bliss, then you’d better choose the American dating way. Land of the brave and home of the Free – with a motto like that, it’s no wonder people are flocking to the United States to either visit or relocate permanently. If you’re interested in dating in the USA but you aren’t sure where to meet singles, one of the first things to consider is joining a free dating site. The options it opens up for you are limitless; much easier, for example, than expecting to meet someone in your day-to-day routine or bar hopping on a Saturday night.

By joining a legitimate dating service you can meet Americans from all regions: chat with a California girl, have drinks with southern gentleman, exchange opinions with a Midwesterner or meet up with your date in the middle of Central Park. But wrapping your head around American dating habits can be easier said than done. From a casual look, dating in the USA is much like dating in many other parts of the world. But there are differences – some subtle and some very significant.

The Superficial Phase and First Impressions

Relationships, same as life, have their own distinct stages. Make a mistake along the way and your relationship will eventually suffer. At least, that’s what we’re lead to believe. Chemistry, both physical and emotional, is what ultimately defines the first stage, which we like to call The Superficial Phase. This is where you identify someone you feel attracted to and who you, in your limited knowledge, deem mentally stable (not a psycho).

Dating relationships have to start somewhere. Whether it’s through an online dating website, party, church or social group, your first impression will usually determine your physical attraction to a person. However, the rules for face-to-face first impressions are not the same as with online dating. To make a good first impression online, there are a number of things to keep in mind: upload a variety of recent photos, use correct grammar and spelling, describe your interests, be unique, are only some examples.

Taking a Business Approach to Online Dating

Most Americans love to treat dating like a business deal where neither party wants to be duped or shortchanged. In some ways, it’s similar to job or house hunting, meaning you need to have more than one prospect a time. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of dating someone in the United States, you should take cognizance of the fact they like to keep their options open for a while before they commit. The agreement to become “exclusive” is a conversation you’ll have at some point if everything else goes well.

As shallow as it may sound, to have success in the world of online dating it’s important to imagine yourself as a brand, and take the necessary steps to market that brand accordingly. You should be asking yourself the two most critical questions in sales: what do I have to offer and who are am I offering it to?  Of course, it may be difficult to think of yourself this way, but remember, most people will only take a few seconds to decide if you’re “the one” for them, so it’s best to make those few seconds count with a good first impression.

Things to Know about Dating in America

The American dating game contains many quirks and oddities that make it noticeably different from dating in other societies. The number one thing that stands out is how confused everyone is about what actually constitutes a date. Are we on a date or just hanging out? However, the number one deal breaker for both men and women is poor hygiene. Understandably, nobody wants their partner to smell as if they haven’t showered in days.

Another intriguing fact is the extent to which some people have a preferred fixed type, right down to what books the other person reads or their political views, height, skin color, eye color, and so on. Also, never text somebody to ask them out on first date! A recent survey showed 84% of respondents preferred being asked out on a date via a phone call.

In America, sometimes going on a date can feel like a game of twenty-one questions, and yes, it can feel overwhelming. Your personal life will be investigated in depth, especially on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You should be prepared to operate on the same playing field. A lot of dating in America starts online. There are hundreds of American dating sites where prospective suitors search for their soulmates.

American Women

One way to describe American females would be to say they tend to be more assertive, upfront and opportunistic than women in other parts of the world. They’re more likely to make their intentions known sooner, strategically eying males from afar, then moving in to initiate contact. Note that most American women tend to look for signs of success. If that sounds materialistic, that’s because it is. But fear not, you don’t have to Tom Brady to find a girlfriend. will teach you how to present yourself as a favorable candidate. And if that doesn’t work, a little faking can go a long way.

Don’t be a Dating Noob

Want to learn more about the world of online dating? Hookup Exposed has dating advice for countries all over the world. We take the complicated out of dating and give you a head start in the fascinating phenomenon known as Dating on Planet Earth in the Twenty-First Century.

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